About Office of Employee Relations

About Office of Employee Relations

Mission Statement

To advance the performance of state government through collaborative labor relations, workforce training, education, and benefits.


As the Governor's representative in employee relations matters, the Office of Employee Relations (OER):

  • Negotiates, implements, and administers collective bargaining agreements
  • Provides advice and technical assistance to managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals related to personnel rules, regulations, policies, and contract administration issues
  • Ensures compensation and benefit programs for State employees are cost-effective
  • Offers training and development programs designed to increase the competency of the State workforce
  • Plans for a changing workplace in partnership with the unions and the Department of Civil Service
  • Promotes and maintains a safe and healthy workforce

Labor Relations and the Taylor Law

Here you will learn about the law that is the legal foundation used by OER in its negotiations with New York State's public employee unions. The Taylor Law is a labor relations statute covering most public employees in New York State — whether employed by the State, or by counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, public authorities or certain special service districts.

Negotiations 101 describes how the negotiation process works.