Holding Elder Hands

Caring for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Caring for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Elder Care Resources

Are you caring for an elderly family member or close friend?

Today’s families face unique circumstances trying to balance the responsibilities of caring for an elderly loved one while managing other demands.

Work-Life Services offers Caring for Your Elderly Loved Ones, an educational resource packet for employees who are caring for an elderly person. The packet includes a comprehensive guide to resources for older New Yorkers as well as information about memory loss, legal and financial planning for people with Alzheimer’s disease, older drivers, Medicare, long-distance caregiving, advanced care planning, end of life decisions, and much more. 

To request a Caring for Your Elderly Loved Ones educational resource packet, click on the email link [email protected].  You will need to provide your name and home mailing address.