Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Established under Article 10, No Discrimination, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, this Program seeks to promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity in SUNY’s workforce. Preference will be given to employees who are under-represented on the basis of their protected class status including but not limited to age, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, military or veteran status, disability, gender expression and gender identity.

Employment Committee

Established under Article 35, Retrenchment, the Employment Committee assists employees who are retrenched, perceived to be at high risk of retrenchment, or whose retraining would accommodate shifting program needs. This Committee studies potential employee displacement problems due to programmatic changes or reductions, curtailments, relocation, reallocation of resources, consolidations, and technological changes. The Committee makes recommendations for the solution of these problems and provides funds for accessing resources, training, and retraining for retrenched or high-risk employees for continued employment.

Professional Development Committee

Established under Article 42, Professional Development Committee, this Committee oversees programs that provide supplemental support of employees' professional development activities, including research, course work, leadership and supervisory staff development, mentoring and attendance, and participation in professional conferences.

The Professional Development Committee provides funding for professional development activities: providing training to improve job performance, assisting employees in developing their full professional potential, and preparing for advancement.

Safety and Health Committee

Established under Article 43, Safety and Health Committee, this Committee provides funds for targeted training to health and safety professionals. The Committee seeks to continually update and refine the skills needed to recognize and correct potential hazards in the workplace and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

The Safety and Health Committee identifies and reviews safety-related issues affecting employees and recommends a plan for the correction of such matters.

Campus Grants Committee

Established under Article 45, Campus Grants Committee, this Committee is comprised of a labor and management representative from each of the joint labor-management committees. 

The Campus Grants Committee encompasses all the programmatic committees. Funding is provided for unit members' needs such as making the work place safer, encouraging and promoting professional development, expanding affirmative action/diversity opportunities for minorities, women, or employees with military status, creative technological needs that are not provided by the campus and promoting funding opportunities for employees with disabilities.