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How EAP Can Help

Balancing work and life, from everyday issues to more serious concerns.

How EAP Can Help You

What is the New York State Employee Assistance Program?

The New York State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) was established in 1983 to help state employees balance the demands of work, home, and life. EAP is a Work-Life Services benefit sponsored jointly by labor and management. As an employer, the State recognizes that employees are subject to stress and pressures that can affect their ability to be effective at work. EAP assists employees in identifying and resolving personal, family, and workplace issues so they can live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Who is eligible for services?

EAP is available to New York State executive branch employees and their families.

What services are available?

EAP provides information, assessment, and referral to community resources to address a broad range of issues and concerns.

What do EAP services cost?

EAP services are provided at no cost. If a referral is needed, every effort will be made to assist employees in obtaining services that are coordinated with their health benefits.

Who provides EAP services?

EAP coordinators are specially trained to help NYS employees and their families. They understand the unique culture of their agencies and public service and have in-depth knowledge of local community resources.

Is EAP confidential? Confidentiality is the cornerstone of EAP. No information may be disclosed without an employee’s permission. The only exceptions to confidentiality are when information is required by law or executive order, when persons are likely to harm themselves or others, or when there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse.

Can I be mandated to use EAP?

The use of EAP is voluntary. A supervisor may recommend EAP to an employee, but it is ultimately the employee’s decision whether or not to contact EAP.

How do I access EAP services? Employees can consult with an EAP coordinator by phone or in person. To locate an EAP coordinator:

• Contact your agency or facility operator

• Visit for a list of EAP coordinators

• Call 800-822-0244 (available 24/7)

What can EAP help with?

EAP provides information, assessment and referral for a broad range of issues and concerns: · Anxiety · Child Care · Depression · Domestic Violence · Elder Care · Emotional Issues · Family Issues, e.g., parenting · Financial Concerns · Gambling · Grief, Loss · Health Insurance Questions · Legal Issues · Marital Problems · Physical Illness · Physical, Emotional, or Sexual Abuse · Relationship Problems · Stress · Substance Abuse · Wellness Programs · Work Issues

How can EAP help supervisors?

EAP coordinators provide consultation to management and supervisors as well as union leaders about workplace issues, the benefit of early referral to EAP, and how to make a referral.