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Retirement checklist for New York State employees, calculators, and other resources


Online Benefit Calculators

The New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), Social Security, Deferred Compensation, and the New York State Pension System each have a benefit calculator available online. See the instructions below for each program.



To estimate the value of your sick leave credit, go to: Answer the two individual questions, choose Planning to Retire, and navigate to the Sick Leave Credit Calculator.


Social Security

Social Security has an online calculator at Retirement Estimator that will provide immediate and personalized benefit estimates to help you plan for your retirement. The Retirement Estimator is tied to your actual Social Security earnings record and eliminates the need to manually enter earnings information.


Deferred Compensation

To use to the online planning tool, go to Retirement Planner and click Get Started for suggestions on improving your retirement outlook.


NYS Pension

You can use the Benefit Projection Calculator on the New York State & Local Retirement's website to project your approximate pension based on the retirement date you choose. The calculator also projects benefit amounts under the various payment options available to you at retirement. Visit Projecting Your Pension to use the calculator. 

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